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Prof. Beate Tebbe treats all diseases on the skin and mucosae. In the following please find some short information on frequent diseases.


Acne is one of the most frequent skin diseases; 80% of adolescents are affected. The severity of acne can vary a lot and can lead to scarring in the worst case. Early diagnosis is important in order to avoid serious progress of the disease. Useful counselling of the concerned and a therapy commensurate with the severity of the disease is necessary. In addition to this, you will be advised by our cosmetician if desired.

Atopic eczema

Atopic eczema (syn.: neurodermatitis) is a genetically conditioned disease and predominantly affects children. Environmental factors and foodstuffs can provoke atopic eczema. We offer you holistic counselling.

Hair loss

Hair loss can affect anybody independent of age. The causes can be provoked by genetic predisposition, hormonal disturbances, and chronic inflammations of internal organs or psychological stress. Individual counselling and finding the causes is a precondition for choosing the right therapeutical concept.

Nail diseases

Many people suffer from growth disorders of the nails. Increased brittleness of the nails is just one example. Another frequent cause is fungal infection of the nails. Although nail diseases require a lot of patience from the patients, because the treatment usually takes many months, most cases can be cured by selecting the right therapy. In addition to the medical treatment we offer medical manicure and pedicure.


Around 2% of the population in Germany suffer from psoriasis. This disease is therefore almost as frequent as pancreatic diabetes. The treatment of psoriasis requires a lot of time from those affected. In addition to the classical treatment using ointments, dermatologists also use phototherapy.

For some years now, there is the possibility of treating psoriasis using antibody injections. These antibodies attack the cells which are responsible for causing psoriasis and thus the disease can be fought against. A fundamental advantage of this modern therapeutical procedure is the minimal time involved for the patients in comparison to other therapies.