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Today the prevention of diseases is a priority; and rightly so. In this field we focus on skin cancer prevention, skin aging and vaccinations.

Skin cancer prevention

Malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are increasingly becoming frequent. They belong to the most frequently diagnosed tumour-diseases found in adults. As such it is advisable for all adults to undertake a screening for skin cancer once a year from the age of 35 so that these skin tumours can be recognised and treated in time.

Skin aging

The traces of aging are also visible on every skin and they are more or less unavoidable. Wrinkling on the skin is a sign of life. It is however an understandable wish of humans to slow down the aging process. Prof. Beate Tebbe can advise you on the possibilities which exist and give you advice on the right skin care. In addition to that, we offer medical cosmetics through our qualified personnel in our practice.


Protection from infections reduces in adulthood. Whilst children nowadays are in most cases sufficiently vaccinated, there is a deficit in many adults with regards to this. Prof. Beate Tebbe advises you on the vaccinations that are necessary for you especially for the preparation of your trips.