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Prof. Dr. med. Beate Tebbe

Prof. Beate Tebbe founded the private practice for dermatology and allergology at the Roseneck in 2003. Previously, she had been working for 15 years in the Dermatological Clinic of the Charite Berlin on the Benjamin Franklin Campus, where she worked as a consultant for ten years after further training to become a medical specialist for dermatology and allergology. During this period, she occupied a managerial position and was responsible for the in-patient section as well as for the ambulatory section of the clinic.

Prof. Beate Tebbe studied at the Free University Berlin, where she was appointed professor in 2002. Her scientific fields of work were autoimmune dermatosis, photodermatosis and allergology; her special area of interest is international dermatology. She has been to Asia and Africa among others as a guest lecturer.