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Nutritive medicine and vaccination

  • We carry out nutritive counselling for all allergic diseases, in particular for patients with atopic eczemas and urticaria
  • We organise individual vaccination programs for adults, especially for holiday preparations

Optimal time management

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We keep waiting periods short.

Phone 030 / 82 00 783

Practice philosophy: well-being of the patient stands at the centre

For us, the well-being of the patient stands at the centre of our actions. We treat children, adults and elderly people. Personal conversation and individual counselling concerning medical questions are characteristic of our team. Due to optimal time management we keep waiting periods short.



Prof. Beate Tebbe treats all diseases on the skin and mucosae. In the following please find some short information on frequent diseases.


For many years, Prof. Beate Tebbe was head of the Department of Allergology at the Charite Berlin on the Benjamin Franklin Campus. Due to her experience, allergology has become a main area in the practice. We offer comprehensive diagnostics on an ambulatory basis. The most frequently treated diseases will be briefly outlined in the following.

Autoimmune dermatoses

Prof. Beate Tebbe is an expert in the field of autoimmune dermatoses which is a rather exceptional disease. In autoimmune dermatoses, the immune system of the patient reacts against cells in the skin. In some autoimmune dermatoses, the internal organs can be affected in addition to the skin. Early establishment of a diagnosis and the initiation of a therapy are important preconditions in order to positively influence the progress of the disease.

Nutritive medicine

The right nutrition plays an important role in a number of skin diseases. Furthermore adequate nutrition is important in order to foster good health, to maintain or if necessary to reduce weight. We offer you comprehensive nutritional counselling.


Today the prevention of diseases is a priority; and rightly so. In this field we focus on skin cancer prevention, skin aging and vaccinations.